So it’s all done and dusted, we’ve made it home on a high, and yet we’re already thinking about what we would do differently. Well for one, Glitterator II really didn’t glitter enough. We had a Blinkt for status indication, but that’s only 8 APA102s. Nothing compared to the dazzle that Glitterator managed. So definitely […]

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Lessons learned?

So given that my last post said “that’s it, no further development before the competition,” it seems a good time to reflect upon what we have learned this year. It was a very different experience to last year, when we were true beginners, having to work out the ins and outs of raspberry pi robotics […]

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That maze…

Well, with all my grand plans for handling the sticky-outy bit with option three, this morning, with the benefit of a good night’s sleep, I asked myself again, why not option 1? As it was I had a spare sensor on the back, picking up readings but never using them for anything. Why not move […]

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Jamming again!

One week before Pi Wars and Angus and I headed off to Manchester Raspberry Jam again for the day, with Glitterator II. We had built a minimal maze course for last year’s competition, and thinking that it would be unlikely to be the same course in subsequent years, donated it as a practice course after […]

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And the maze…

Well, having got the straight line speed test working yesterday, today’s effort was the maze. And the good news was, the code for the straight line speed test just worked for the first section (which is a narrow corridor), with appropriate adjustment of the width parameter. Even better, with the addition of a very small […]

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Well, I’ve spent the weekend getting Glitterator II to drive straight lines. It was sort of working at the end of the day yesterday, and I planned to do a few final tweaks this morning, then move on to the maze. Well, the problem is, I woke up this morning wondering why I didn’t do […]

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