So it’s all done and dusted, we’ve made it home on a high, and yet we’re already thinking about what we would do differently. Well for one, Glitterator II really didn’t glitter enough. We had a Blinkt for status indication, but that’s only 8 APA102s. Nothing compared to the dazzle that Glitterator managed. So definitely […]

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Lessons learned?

So given that my last post said “that’s it, no further development before the competition,” it seems a good time to reflect upon what we have learned this year. It was a very different experience to last year, when we were true beginners, having to work out the ins and outs of raspberry pi robotics […]

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That maze…

Well, with all my grand plans for handling the sticky-outy bit with option three, this morning, with the benefit of a good night’s sleep, I asked myself again, why not option 1? As it was I had a spare sensor on the back, picking up readings but never using them for anything. Why not move […]

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Jamming again!

One week before Pi Wars and Angus and I headed off to Manchester Raspberry Jam again for the day, with Glitterator II. We had built a minimal maze course for last year’s competition, and thinking that it would be unlikely to be the same course in subsequent years, donated it as a practice course after […]

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