It’s as ready as it ever will be…

Well I took some time yesterday to see if the Over the Rainbow code I wrote during my commute was any use… and was somewhat pleased to find that it was. Of course it wasn’t all plain sailing, as I killed a camera in the process (not sure how; it just stopped working), discovered that the NoIR version doesn’t pick the colours out properly, and eventually found a very old V1 camera that works.

It’s still a bit problematic in that under the lighting conditions I was testing it lost track of balls sometimes and went back to search mode, but fingers crossed that under the course lighting conditions this won’t be a problem. Anyway, at least we can have a bash at it.

And that’s it for development – we’re officially frozen now in terms of development, although Angus thinks I should still be tuning things 🙄 But while I’m sure things could be improved, I feel that tweaking now runs too much risk of breaking things horribly. So instead I’m making yet another copy of our SD cards, and everything is packed up in boxes, ready to head to Cambridge with us this evening.

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