And the maze…

Well, having got the straight line speed test working yesterday, today’s effort was the maze. And the good news was, the code for the straight line speed test just worked for the first section (which is a narrow corridor), with appropriate adjustment of the width parameter. Even better, with the addition of a very small […]

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Well, I’ve spent the weekend getting Glitterator II to drive straight lines. It was sort of working at the end of the day yesterday, and I planned to do a few final tweaks this morning, then move on to the maze. Well, the problem is, I woke up this morning wondering why I didn’t do […]

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Making lists

So it’s a very short time now until the competition (*gulp* we got our timetable today! 😵), and while most of the “bits” are done, some aren’t quite there (oops! not meant to hit the wall), and they all need putting together. The good news is that with the addition of the height adjustment for […]

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Let there be light!

I mentioned previously that yellow was problematic in our colour detection, and that I was planning to steal the neopixel strip from my pan-tilt hat to see if that would help with the problem. Well, in my lunch break today I did that, and added the code to the colour detection test to light up […]

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Well the long weekend led to major progress. First off, the motor controller for adjusting the height of the firing mechanism we will use for the duck shoot was added. And because this motor controller can control two motors, we got rid of the switch we were using for the firing mechanism and just used […]

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